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What We Offer

Divine Empress Institute is a life coaching and consulting agency who assists their clients to becoming their higher self and building their empires. This is completed through 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and courses that builds feminine energy, personal power, spirituality, and economic development.

Life Coaching

Do you feel stuck and unmotivated?

Are you unhappy where you are currently in your life?

Our coaching program is designed for an Empress just like you! We will focus on helping you to get from where you are now to where you want to be in your personal or professional life. 

We encourage you to discover yourself and provide a safe haven for your self-driven solutions and strategies that will unfold during our session. Your desires, dreams, and goals are all possible! Let's create a space for them to become a reality. We help you tap into the answers that are inside of you and hold you accountable for your future and success. 


Our goal is to help you maximize your highest potential by using our proven tools and techniques to cultivate alignment with your higher self.

Transformation Coaching

Do you disconnected due to the hurt of your past?

Do you find it difficult to forgive yourself or others?

Our Transformation Coaching is designed to help you become aware of your mental and emotional blocks and provide coaching to the subconscious mind. We will focus on identifying these areas and creating positive behaviors to promote change . 

True transformation evolves when you are able to see that you are in control and hold the keys to your inner power. When you take ownership and accountability for creating the life you deserve, you have an equal accountability to protect it. Over time, situations in life may have caused you to forget your inner power.  We work together by creating personal and professional goals to help you transform  into the Empress you were created to be.​

Positive Psychology Coaching

Are you trying to find your purpose?

Would you like to reclaim the passion back for your life?

Our Positive Psychology Coaching will help you rebuild in the art of working with your inner values and strengths. This is completed with strategic self regulation to align with your preferred strengths vs. past opportunities. We utilize scientific exercise to promote the overall well being and create the framework for your desired outcome or goal.​

To reach your desired outcome and/or goals, we will work together to identify self awareness, manifesting our greatness through behavioral change, and learning to cope through the challenges we may face along the way. 


Solution Focused Coaching

Have you been focusing on your problems lately?

Does it feel like you are going backwards vs. forward?

Our Solution-Focused Coaching will deep dive into focusing on the solution vs. the problem. By using this practical and proven approach, we can identify how to effectively move forward and be the change you were called to be.

Problems in life arise for everyone. When we make this the focal point, we lose sight of the resources, skills, and divine power that lives within us. We combat this by being intentionally solution-focused during our sessions to motivate aligning with positive change.

Spiritual Coaching

Are you not manifesting the life you wish to create?

Are you open to different forms of coaching and/or spiritual cleansing?

Our Spiritual Coaching is optional and aligns with each client obtaining a higher spirituality to develop and align with their higher Empress. We utilize ancient teachings, meditation, singing bowls, laws of attraction, aromatherapy, crystals, chakras, and affirmation card pulls to assist with this process. 

Spirituality places accountability to "Know Thy Self". This is our philosophy in all coaching and consulting practices. If we are guided and aware, we will be able to fulfill our highest calling. We respect all clients and their belief systems. This coaching is completed with optional client consent. 

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Divine Empress
Sacred Academy

DESA is a private 12-Week online course and weekly instructor led group coaching that assists their clients reclaiming their crown. Clients who "Join the Divine"  travel through 12 territories (areas in life) to rebuild their empire (legacy).

Upon course completion, clients are able to remain in our Empress community for additional group coaching topics that impact feminine energy, healing, and entrepreneurship. DESA members also have the privilege to review additional Divine Downloading support resources and exclusive discounts to help them on their journey while they are active members.

Topics include but are not limited to: Purpose Building, Reflection, Communication, Creating Healthy Boundaries, Energy, Awareness, Love, Relationships, Health, Gratitude, and Releasing Negative Emotions.

Yearly and Monthly payment options are available.

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