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Unlock Your Full Potential and Reclaim Your Crown!

Walk in your DIVINE PURPOSE...


Divine Empress Intstitute

Reclaim Your Crown

We utilized positive psychology to drive our solution focused coaching to  help you complete the work of transforming your life.  Divine Empress Institute  provides  spiritual  and professional life coaching techniques to each Empress to bring back their divinity, power, and control over their life. We believe that the power lies within you to align with your higher-self and you have the power right now to achieve your goals!

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What We Specialize In

Life Coaching

Transformation Coaching

Positivie-Psychology Coaching

Solution Focused Coaching

Spiritual Coaching

Purple Flower

It's not what you are that is holding you back but what you think you are not.

“I am so grateful to Coach Tae! She has been such a blessing and has taught me how to regain control over my life. ”

-Sandra Wilson

“I'm not the same woman before our life coaching sessions and I'm glad. I regained my power and gladly wear my crown!”

- Tina Calwell

“You are the greatest coach ever! I am living my best life now because of you Tae. I am a better wife and mom because of our sessions!”

- Kendra Little

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Reclaim Your Crown!

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