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Tae Whatley

Certified Life and Transformation Coach

Tae Whatley, also known as Coach Tae, is a renowned spiritual life coach who is known for her passion to empower men and women by teaching relationship, entrepreneurship, and spiritual strategies for success!  With over 15 years of experience in the field, she has helped countless individuals achieve their dreams by guiding them towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them. 


She received her training from the Universal  Coach Institute, Light Worker Academy, and Interfaith Truth Center. Coach Tae was awarded the Fort Bragg Family Child Care Special Needs Award for her activism and improvements to assisting children with Autism. She has also assisted with volunteering with the following programs throughout her years: River Legacy, Autism Speaks, Books for Africa, Aceing Autism, Girls of Excellence, and Atlanta Mission-My Sister’s House.

She began her journey by providing words of spiritual inspiration to develop men and women to manifest their internal greatness. Coach Tae is the founder of Divine Empress Institute which promotes divine femininity, spiritual coaching, and financial empowerment. She uses her platform to share skills of financial education, entrepreneurship, healthy relationships, and guiding her clients to reach their higher self.

With her unique approach to coaching, she combines the wisdom of ancient spiritual traditions with modern techniques to help her clients overcome obstacles and manifest their desires. She believes that every individual has the power within them to create the life they want and that by connecting with their higher selves and aligning with universal energy, they can achieve their goals. Coach Tae assists her clients make informed decisions and take actions that are in alignment with their true selves.

Above all, Coach Tae is a compassionate and intuitive coach who is dedicated to helping her clients live their best lives. Whether they are seeking career success, financial abundance, better relationships, or spiritual growth, she works closely with each individual to create a customized plan that meets their unique needs and goals.

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